Title Veterans Support Specialist
Location Hopkinsville
Job Information

Coordinator, Regional Housing

REPORTING/COORDINATING RELATIONSHIP: Chief Financial/Administrative Officer

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: Substance Abuse/Housing Case Manager, Housing Specialist, and Housing Intern/AmeriCorps Participant

Housing Coordination Responsibilities:
1. Coordinate with Housing Specialist the operation, management and oversight of housing physical facilities.
2. Coordinate and assist Housing Specialist with maintaining contact with tenants of all PHMC-owned/operated units in regards to rent payments and housing inspections. Convey results to the maintenance department if corrective action in needed.
3. Assist Housing Specialist with processing applications for housing.
4. Prepare all Annual Performance Reports for funding agencies and ensure entry of required data into HMIS and TDCS per HUD requirements.
5. Perform housing related grant activity oversight; marketing and associated tasks for all HUD funded projects.
6. Review each housing grant and budget as awarded, conduct internal reviews of each grant for compliance, review all budgetary requirements for grants and ensure that funds are being spent as required. Set up internal systems to ensure grant compliance.
7. Manage activities, reports, and client/tenant relations for all Housing programs.
8. Assist residents of the Veterans Shelter and Genesis Program, and other homeless persons with placement as required.
9. Perform compliance reporting and audit requirements for FHLB’s of Atlanta and Cincinnati.
10. Program evaluation will be conducted on a regular basis to ensure that the housing programs are meeting expected outcomes and are being provided in an efficacious manner.
11. Liaison with funding/regulatory bodies: Serve as liaison with funding and regulatory bodies who have jurisdiction over the residential programming operated by the Pennyroyal Center, ie., Cabinet for Health and Family Services, KHC, HUD, etc.
12. Perform routine supervision of staff members assigned to housing.
13. Serve as member of Center’s Administrative Management team.
14. In conjunction with the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer and Coordinator of Facility Services, assist in the operation, management and oversight of all physical facilities involved in the housing program.
15. Other duties as required/assigned.

Housing Development Responsibilities:
1. Development of knowledge base and advising Center management and the Board regarding public financing for applicable housing.
2. Creation of housing program from conceptual design to occupancy including funding applications, site acquisition, architectural design, construction, occupancy, rents management, facility management and financial accountability standards in consultation with any/all appropriate Center management staff as applicable.
3. Serve as liaison to the KHC, HUD, PADD, and any/all other relevant governmental or other organizations involved with funding/ regulation/development of housing initiatives.

Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in social work or relevant area. A minimum of three years of relevant work experience in the housing field may be substituted for educational requirement. Must pass required training within specified timeframe. Must have current driver’s license, proof of automobile insurance, reliable transportation, and be able to travel throughout the region. Must present proof of a recent (less than 1-year old) TB skin test, and must pass a legally required Criminal Record Check and Sexual Offender Registry check.

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