Title Residential Support Specialist
Job Information

REPORTING/COORDINATING RELATIONSHIP: Program Manager, Residential Services
(1) Provision of physical assistance;
(2) Residential training to facilitate the acquisition of communication skills, sensory motor skills, daily living and self-help skills;
(3) Assistance with daily living, such as:
(a) Ambulation;
(b) Dressing;
(c) Grooming;
(d) Feeding;
(e) Toileting;
(f) Bathing;
(g) Meal planning and preparation;
(h) Laundry;
(i) Budgeting and financial assistance;
(j) Home care and cleaning.
(4) Emotional support and advice, and assistance to help the individual work through problems;
(5) Communication with the assigned support coordinator on a regularly scheduled basis and as needed;
(6) Provision of, or arrangement for, transportation to services, activities, medical appointments as needed.
(7) Active participation in medical appointments and follow-up care as directed by the medical staff; and
(8) Cooperation with monitoring (i.e., periodic announced and unannounced visits to the home by various monitoring entities).
(9) Other duties as required/assigned.
Must have a high school diploma or GED and be at least 18 years of age, or be at least 21 years of age and have effective communication skills. Must have valid driver’s license, automobile insurance, and reliable transportation (car that seats 4 comfortably). Must have physical ability to position, turn, and transfer person in wheelchair. Must pass required training, provide proof of a recent (less than 1-year-old) TB skin test, and pass a legally required Criminal Record Check and Sexual Offender Registry check.

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