Title Office Assistant, MAT Clinic
Location Hopkinsville
Job Information

Office Assistant, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Clinic

REPORTING/COORDINATING RELATIONSHIP: Coordinator of Client Record Services



Serve as Suboxone Office Assistant and provide support services for programs located at the M.A.T. Clinic in Hopkinsville. Employee may perform Medical Records or Receptionist duties, as needed. Duties include:

(1) Check all clients in and out of program/groups.
(2) Perform clerical duties for assigned programs including telephone duties (receiving, screening, and placing calls), processing mail, and general typing, filing, copying, retrieving and preparing records, etc.
(3) Act as facility receiving clerk, validating quantities on received goods and processing related paperwork.
(4) Perform data entry for all program activities.
(5) Prepare, copy, and send reports to various agencies and facilities as required.
(6) Assist in pre-authorization process for medications.
(7) Assist in organizing meetings and preparing information for programs as requested.
(8) Assist in obtaining KASPERS on clients.
(9) Maintain EMR at the facility according to Pennyroyal Center policies and procedures.
(10) Collect and account for client fees and other service fee payments. Maintain cash drawer balances and prepare receipts for deposit.
(11) Conduct business office interviews.
(12) Prepare records for Utilization Review and perform the administrative component of the review.
(13) Perform routine computer maintenance, including software controlled backups.
(14) Perform routine office equipment maintenance and upkeep.
(15) Maintain appropriate building/office supplies per PMHC Policies and Procedures.
(16) Assure daily inter-office mail delivery is maintained in a timely manner.
(17) Assist in training clerical staff members in above duties as necessary/requested.
(18) Ensure clinic is maintained in appropriate manner. Submit/Follow-up on all work orders involving clinic maintenance.
(19) This position requires flexible schedules to cover the evening groups.
(20) Other duties as assigned/required.
(21) Archiving client records to ensure proper storage.

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