Title IDD Assistant Coordinator
Location Hopkinsville
Job Information

IDD ASSISTANT COORDINATOR, Participant Directed Services (PDS)




(1) Assist with completing the training requirements for all Support Brokers to ensure that all regulations are being followed and upheld.
(2) Assist with Supervision of Support Broker and guidance when needed.
(3) Assist with monitoring charts to ensure all requirements of the regulations are being upheld.
(4) Assist with coordinating with Pennyroyal Fiscal Services to ensure all PDS participants complete proper requirements for monthly billing.
(5) Ensure that clients are referred to the necessary combination of services to maintain their placement in the community whenever possible. When not possible, the Case Manager will assist in applying for other services.
(6) Complete intake/ initial staffing on new referrals and at one year intervals review Plan of Care and develop Person-Centered Plans for consumer. The Case Manager should be able to guide the writing of goals and objectives to ensure clarity, measurability, and applicability to the consumer.
(7) Be able to write clear staff notes in the format approved by funding sources.
(8) Conduct a monthly face to face visit with Consumer and meet with the Representative every 3 months to monitor budget, monitor health, monitor safety, and monitor welfare as directed by regulations.
(9) Ensure timesheets and documentation are in compliance with regulations before being processed by Pennyroyal Fiscal Services for payroll.
(10) Complete all other duties as needed and assigned.

Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in social work or relevant area with two years’ experience in MR services preferred. Must pass required training within specified time frames. Must have current driver’s license, proof of automobile insurance, reliable transportation; be able to travel through the region. Must present proof of recent (less than 1 year old) TB skin test and must pass a legally required Criminal Record Check, Central Aid Registry, and Adult Misconduct Registry.

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