Title District Child Evaluation Specialist (CES), First Steps
Location Hopkinsville
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The District Child Evaluation Specialist works to enhance the quality and appropriateness of First Steps Services.

1) Conduct screenings of children referred to First Steps using a cabinet-approved screening protocol.
2) Complete Five Area Assessments (in lieu of a PLE) Cabinet approved, criterion reference instrument, for children referred to the POE who have a diagnosed established risk condition.
3) Determine the disciplines needed for eligibility determination for children with established developmental delay from screening.
4) Coordinate the multi-disciplinary evaluation/assessment and any further assessment when/if needed in collaboration with the Service Coordinator.
5) Participate as a member of the multi-disciplinary evaluation team when the discipline is an appropriate choice for the child’s evaluation team.
6) Participate in Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) meetings for children with whom the District CES has completed an evaluation/assessment or Five Area Assessment.
7) Monitor the implementation of IFSP’s, including changes to IFSP’s.
8) Adhere to professional standards, the First Steps Provider Code of Ethical Conduct and Part C of the First Steps Program Standards.
9) Assist the State Lead Agency, POE manager and other POE staff in assuring quality services in the district are performed within the required timelines.
10) Complete any and all other duties set forth in the Kentucky Early Intervention System (KEIS) regulations pertaining to the District Child Evaluation Specialist.
11) Conduct initial evaluations using cabinet-approved criterion-referenced instrument for children referred to the POE who have a risk condition diagnoses established.
12) Other duties as required/assigned.

Master’s degree required or higher in a qualifying discipline is preferred. Must hold a current license and/or certification for their profession from their discipline-specific state licensing or certification body in Kentucky. Must be currently approved, or qualify to be approved, as a KY First Steps Developmental Evaluator in accordance with 911 KAR 2:150. Must have supervised training and experience in administering norm referenced and criterion referenced instruments. Must have at least one year experience in administering, scoring, and interpreting the Bayley Scales of Infant Development in a standardized, reliable, and valid manner, or be eligible to be certified on the Bayley after training. Must be able to demonstrate knowledge of early childhood development at a proficient level as established by the Cabinet. Must pass a legally required Criminal Record Check and a Sexual Offender Registry check.
Must present proof of a recent (less than 1-year-old) TB skin test. Must be willing to work a flexible schedule.

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